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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 5, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning,riminal invest. as the death toll climbs to 33 in that oakland concert fire. one of the nation's deadliest fires in decades. >> like, seeing, like, everything, tf fire. >> desperate families still searching for loved ones. >> please, just call us. we just want to know if you're alive or not. >> firefighters the rubble for answers. the fire chief right here on al. water rising across the gulf coast. stranding drivers. a mother and son rescued from this and an arctic blast is about to sweep across the rest of the the country. record snow? chicago. wind chils plunging below zero. tens of millions in major deep freeze.
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bracing for impact. >> if you hear the command evacua evacuate, evacuate, evacuate, you are to leave everything behind. >> the nose of this jet slams into the ground. a dramatic emergency landing. and the nfl player flagged for making a snow angel on the the field. quarterback cam newton benched for not wearing a tie to the game. plus the penalty for dancing over a penalty call. some believing the nfl is becoming the no fun league. the snow angel, come on, here. good morning, america. big day in the nfl, from snow angels to dancing. the raiders punter, mar kesz king, known for his moves like this. he tweeted after the game, he knew who told on him. the other guy. >> that's not bag deal, the snow angel. president-elect trump
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nominating his former rival, dr. ben carson, to be housing secretary. he's expanding his search for secretary of state. more on that coming up. first, the latest on the devastating warehouse fire that killed at least 33 the people in oakland. the venue packed with young people when a fire broke out. a criminal investigation is now under way. neal karlinsky sis on the scene in oakland. good morning, neal. >> reporter: robin, good morning. this is a very active scene. firefighters literally rung around the clock in their search for victims. they're so concerned with the safety, they have set up planks and beams to try to reinforce some of the walls to make sure what's left of the building doesn't come don on top of them. this morning, as firefighters continue the grim, round-the-clock search, a criminal investigation team son scene. looking into whether oakland answer deadliest fire in his i have a crime.
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>> we have now started to recover and identify victims who are minors. we do have some children in the ages of 17 years old. possibly younger. >> reporter: it was 11:32 p.m. friday when the calls came in. a party at this oakland warehouse. an artists collective was erupting into an inferno of flames. ripping through windows. >> seeing everything like this orange wall of fire. it was -- i don't know. it felt like seeing a monster. >> reporter: firefighters breaking in with pick axes, desperate to reach those inside. it trapped party foers on the second floor with only a pair of makeshift stairs made of booeden palettes and quickly blocked. there were only two known exits to the entire building. the flames burn something fiercely, the roof collapsed, bringing part of that second floor down, too. dozens of families desperate to
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find loved ones. >> can you just call any of us if you're around, something happened. we don't care. we just want to know if you're alive or not. >> reporter: so far, just seven of the victims identified, in addition to people attending the party, the warehouse was home to several tenants. pictures on the warehouse's website show a cluttered maze of art studios. no sprinklers, according to investigators. local officials already pointing fingers, claiming the warehouse was well known for a slew of code violations and complaints. it wasn't zoned for people to be living there. you feel like this is preventable? >> as far as preventable, absolutely. >> reporter: the major yyor say the response is under investigation. the man who is allegedly responsible for founding the affiliate spoke out overnight.
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>> whethey're my children. they're my friends. they're my family. they're my loves. they're my future. what else do i have to say? >> reporter: the official death toll at this hour is33. tragically, that number is expected to rise. the search here for more victims is expected to continue for at least another day. robin? >> all right, neal, thank you very much. melinda gradrayton is the city' bah tall onchief. thank you so much for your time this morning. and please know our condolences go to the families and the entire oakland community. so many that are still unaccounted for. especially teens. and the fear is, that the death toll will rise. >> absolutely. the unfortunate reality of this somber monday morning is that we're anticipating adid i recall bodies being recovered within the structure. >> it's such a sadbattalion chi
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know so many people are asking, how could this happen. there were reports there were complainted against this building. it was not zoned to have people living there. but that was the case. so what went wrong here? how can it be prevented from happening in the future? >> the city of oakland is still looking at its history with this build and working with potential live/work artist spaces. chunt spaces for our artists. we have a vibrant community in oakland that we embrace. we want to make shoe preventing disasters like this in the future. at this point, we have brought in federal partners with atf. and they have determined what they believe is the area of origin in the building, near the back wall of the building. and -- we have that area quarantined off. they're bringing in numerous investigators this morning. we anticipate sometime between
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7:00 and 7:30 for them to arrive. and we're hoping for more answers later today. >> we saw in many area photos the number -- the amount of trash, debris that was around that structure. did that add, do you believe, to the blaze? >> um, in this case, it was a lot of art. and personal projects. and design -- it was not personal trash in this side yard. it didn't appear to be personal trash. it wasn't a hoarding situation per se. the heavy fire load was intense. and obviously would have a hard time for people to get out of the building. >> such an emotional toll, ma'am, on everyone. the responders, as well. how are they doling with everything? >> i think everybody is dealing with it the best they can. obviously, the raw emotions.
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we set up at our union hall yesterday for the anticipation of many firefighters that just wanted to kind of watch football together. and chill. and eat some pizza. and, kind of debrief with their pierce before going home to their families. sometimes it helps to kind of offload those emotions before bringing it home. >> i know you have been on the job for almost 20 years. nothing can prepare you for something like this. we appreciate your time. know that our thoughts and prayers are with the responders, the fam is, even there. thank you so much. >> thank you very much. >> again, when you see the scene and how quickly it wept up in flames. >> a horrifying scene. we'll follow that. right now, the flooding across the gulf coast. heavy rain soaking towns from texas to carolinas. rescue crews working around the clock. cold son the way as well. ginger is back with the latest. good morning, ginger. >> i am. coming with not such great news. texas city, texas.
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more than 13 inches of rain. that's what it looks like when it falls in 48 hours or so. more rain falling right now. watch the severe storms that will pop up with the flash flood potential. especially in parts of louisiana. tomorrow morning, some helpful rain. areas in the veer draught, exceptional drought, get up to three or four inches. the other story, chicago. getting their first biggest snowfall on record. 6.4 incs at o'hare. it happened in wisconsin, too. the cold, oh, it's going come in. i'll show you how cold in a couple of moments. >> it's so great to have you back. your pictures on instagram had our mouths watering. >> you'll see it soon. to the latest on the trump transition. just moments ago, president-elect trump announcing he'll nominate dr. ben carson as secretary of housing and urban development. as we learn about new contender.
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jon karl is here with the details. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, robin. president-elect trump saying he plans to name all the big name nominees for later this week. the list for the most high-profile pick of all appears to be growing. the president-elect is now considering as many as nine candidates for secretary of state. the candidates we already knew about, and now there are new names. including rex tillerson, the ceo of exxon-mobi lrgs. joe manchin. jont hu jon huntsman. and james stavridis, who was on hillary clinton's short list for vp. >> we have a president here that wants to look at the best and brightest of america, regardless of history or past disputes. >> reporter: whoever gets the
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job will have to deal with the growing tension with china. after trump took a call from the president of taiwan. for four decades, u.s. presidents have respected that by avoiding direct contact with the taiwanese president. >> president a obama can reach out to a murdering dictator in cuba in the last year and be hailed for doing it. and president-elect donald trump takings a courtesy call from a democratically elected leader in taiwan and it's a controversy. >> reporter: trump tweeted, did china ask us if it was okay to devalue their currency, making it hard for our companies to compete? trump used twitter over the tweengd lash out at companies who moved jobs out of the country. and to lam "saturday night live" as unwatchable. >> what a great, smart tweet.
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>> reporter: and paul ryan said the president-elect's twitter tirades don't bother him at all. >> who cares what he tweeted on some thursday night if we fix the country's big problems? that's the way i look at it. >> reporter: ryan, who has clashed with trump in the past sayin say says he talks to him all the time. >> they're working on the agenda to take on in january. there seems to be dipss on health care and taxes. >> no question. you see the differences play out in terms of the policies. i think that is what's going on with this expanding list of secretary of state. genuine divisions on where to go. >> go from four to nine? >> it works on "the apprentice." you start big and pare down. >> let's ask martha raddatz. this is a big list. it continues to grow.
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it could be bad news for the ones already on it. >> i guess you could, george. admiral stavridis. he has experience. i think you'll see him probably go back over the original list as well. and maybe mitt romney again. >> we'll see. could be a week or two away. meantime, martha, this phone call to check to the taiwan neez president over the weekend. you saw mike pence yesterday on "this week" kind of downplay this. this was a dstrategy. >> any call to or from a president-elect is a big deal. especially when the phone line has been quiet for decades. it can be seen as way to send message to china with a bit of cover, since donald trump has not yet taken office. mike pence can easily say this
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doesn't mean there's a shift in poli policy. yet this puts china on notice that things may not be the same under a trump presidency. now to a scary moment at a pizza restaurant. a gunman with an targeting a washington, d.c., spot, at the center of a fake news story about hillary clinton. senior justice koernd pierre thomas is there in washington and has the details. >> reporter: this case shows how fake news can lead to a dangerous situation. edgar welch has been arrested and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. he showed up at the d.c. pizza restaurant to get to the bottom of what appears to be an utterly bogus story about child abuse promoted on the internet. he alemedly pointed the gun and fired the weapon inside the restaurant. the origin of this crazy story was a posting on wikileaks involving john podesta
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discussing a fund-raiser. lice becoming dangerous, george? we move to north dakota. the army's big decision to block a controversy route for the dakota pipeline. the relief may not last long. the incoming trump administration signaling it may move to reverse the decision. t.j. holmes has the latest. >> reporter: overnight, a major victory for the sioux tribe at the rock. they made the decision to halt to explore alternate routes. >> i guess we made it. >> reporter: thousands have taken up on the site. the project would stretch aid cross four states and transport 470,000 barrels a day. the protests grew increasingly
7:16 am
intense. >> we're going back to our vehicles. >> reporter: opponents of the pipeline claim it would be hazardous and could damage the water of the nearby residents. bernie saerpds tweeted in the year 2016, we should not continue to trample on native american sovereignty or become more dependant on fossil fuels. >> congratulations to all our relatives at standing rock. and all the beautiful people who fought to make this happen. >> reporter: but the corporations behind the pipeline said in a statement overnight, they fully expect to complete the pipeline without additional rerou rerouting. nothing the administration did today changes that. one lawmaker says he was encouraged they'll have a new president next month. what you're talking about here is trump has shown support for the pipeline. they're celebrating and in matter of one month, he could reverse that.
7:17 am
>> he owns stock in the company building the pipeline. >> the trump transition wanted to make clear that has nothing to do with his decision. to amy with today's other top stories. you have a plane scare? >> that's right. a pilot of a united express plane was forced to make an emergency landing. heading to mexico from houston when the landing gear malfunctions. nose of the plane slammed into the ground forcing emergency chutes to doe ploy. >> if you hear the command evacuate, evacuate, evacuate, you are to leave everything behind. and i mean everything. >> wow, sthat not an announcement anyone wants to hear. remarkably, no serious injuries. jury deliberations resume today in the trial of michael sleigher. he's accused of killing walter scott. on friday, the jurors said they could not reach a verdict.
7:18 am
the college football playoff matchups are all set. number one alabama plays washington. and then clemson versus ohio state. the winners will meet for the national title. and you can see all the games on espn. and finally, the flight that landed with one more person than it left with. [ baby crying ] >> yep, that can only mean one thing. mom gave birth on the flight from philadelphia to orlando. the flight diverted to charleston, south carolina. not a bad place to be born, right? where the new expanded family was taken to the hospital. everyone is doing fine. we don't know the gender of the baby. if it's a girl, perhaps the name skylar. >> oh, nice. leave it to you, aim. every single time. great to have you back, ginger. somewhat thi >> are we're seeing snow falling in chicago and worcester
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massachusetts. we'll have subzero by the time we get to thursday. >> reporter: the last of the morning rain moving away from philadelphia now, still bothering folks in trenton and areas along the i-95 corridor from northeast philadelphia on up. as we take a look outside, we have a lot of clouds behind the rain and roads are a bit wet you can see that in center city on our brand new sky6 live hd city hall camera. but things will get better in the next couple of hours. 40s in most neighborhoods ending
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find it in the crayola aisle. sets each sold separately. matt o'donnell, 7:23 monday, september 5. rain is moving out of the region, let's see how the roads are shaping up with karen rogers. >> reporter: we have an accident in involving a school bus, no word if there were any kids on the bus. happening on the schuylkill expressway eastbound past south street. we can see it blocking two right lanes. i'm watching the emergency workers climbing over the median. wondering if they are talking to the bus driver there. no idea if there are kids on the bus. i see the emergency worker talking to someone on the school bus. schuylkill expressway eastbound past south street. looks like this vehicle is facing the wrong way, as well. a nasty accident on the schuylkill expressway eastbound with the wet roads. on the big picture, lots of accidents, lots of slow speeds
7:24 am
i'll do a facebook live at 7:30 to help you out through the commute. >> we'll check the rain with david murphy next. start with a specialist. start where you'll find advanced technology, precision treatment options and truly compassionate care. start here with a team of experts who treat only cancer. every stage. every day. it's not one thing we do. it's they thing we do. start at cancer treatment centers of ameca in philadelphia. the evolutioof cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now.
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z254jz zi0z
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y254jy yi0y cloudy, lingering drizzle on the terrace. storm tracker 6 live double scan, the main rain, light misty rain is pushing east ward and off toward trenton and in the process of getting out of here. the cool start in philadelphia. this afternoon we'll see the return of sunshine this afternoon partly sunny, 53 the high. tomorrow, chilly, cloudy, 47 and more rain arriving in the after and nighttime. looks like it stays cloudy and chilly on wednesday. >> thanks, david. upper perkiomen school
7:27 am
district is closed today due to a threat directed toward the district. state police are already involved.
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we welcome you back to dam. you're looking at the aftermath of that deadly warehouse fire in oakland. that killed at least 3people. authorities are warning the death toll could still rise. firefighters going through the rubble. a criminal investigation is under way. we have breaking political news. president-elect trump picking dr. ben carson as housing secretary. the search for secretary of state is expanding. as many as nine people may be in the mix. and a big chill is coming. a record snowfall in chicago over the weekend. also this morning, we have an urgent warning about criminals posing as u.p.s. worker. this is chilling video. linsey davis is standing by with very important new information about keeping your families
7:31 am
safe. >> we hear about this every season. so disheartening. but first, the latest on the road rage shooting that killed former nfl player joe mcknight. outrage growing after the sheriff released the shooter, without charges. abc's eva pilgrim has been following the story. she joins us from new orleans. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the question is not who shot and killed joe mcknight? it's did something happen at this intersection to give the shooter a reason to believe his life was in danger. if someone is rye fog get if in your karks you can use a gun to keep them out. outrage this morning over what authorities are calling a road rage shooting that took the life of former nfl running back joe mcknight. >> i just stood there with my hand on my face, like, oh, my god. he really just shot this man. >> reporter: police say this man, ronald gasser seen on the ground in kufs admitted to
7:32 am
shooting mcknight. this morning, he's not facing any charges. authorities suggesting louisiana's stand your ground self-defense law would play a part in the case. >> if he was man enough to pull the trigger, he should be man enough to take his lick and still be in jail. >> reporter: authorities say it started thursday afternoon when one driver cut the other off. two driving almost six miles before stopping at this light. gaszer's blue car in the right lane. mcknight's suv on the right shoulder. witnesses report arguing. mcknight got out of the suv and approached the open passenger side window. >> mr. gaszer was in his vehicle when he fired three shots. >> reporter: the coroner said one wound grazed his left hand. the second endered his shoulder. it came in at an angle? >> yes. >> reporter: three shell
7:33 am
occasionings on the rear floorboard of the car. witnesses say after the shooting, gaszer got out of his car. >> he was like this at the window. and then, once he moved from the window, he walked around to the front part of the car, and he kept the gun. he kept his arm locked. >> reporter: this, not gaszer's first road rage incident. abc news learning he was arrested ten years ago for punching another driver at gas station at this same intersection. charges were later dropped. there have been conflicting witness reports. family of mcthooigt getting an independent autopsy looking for answers. we have spoken to several businesses in the area that say they turned over security video to authorities. >> let's bring in dan abrams along with the former dallas police chief david brown. you may remember his leadership after the police murders in july. welcome to abc news.
7:34 am
you're joining us as a contributor. this is your first official day. glad you could be with us this morning. >> thank you so much, george. good morning. >> let's start with the decision of this sheriff. walk us through the steps of this decision. >> this process is not unusual. an investigative process when there is a shooting involved and someone is deceased. really involves interviewing witnesses, collecting evidence. trying to make an assessment. it's not unusual not have a judgment immediately and to release suspect who is may have given statements, cooperated. but may later face charges based on the evidence that we collect. >> that's an important point, dan. shooter could still face charges. legally, the shooting could be justified. >> under louisiana law, your car is treated like your home. meaning if you believe reason pli you need to use deadly force prevent someone from entering your car or entering your home, that can be consider adjust if
7:35 am
ied shooting. meaning you don't have to feel like you personally were in danger. like you personally could get harmed. you have to be able to say that you reason ply believed you were firing to keep someone out of your car. the fact that they found shell casings on the floor of the car makes that a relevant issue in the context of the investigat n investigation. >> what else are investigators looking for right now? >> one of the key pieces of evidence is the physical evidence is, the distance. the trajectory of the weapon. how far away? is there gun powder residue? and video. there might be closed caption video from adjacent businesses. traffic intersection. cities will have cameras often times at traffic intersections. all of that will be more the comprehensive nature of the process. >> does it matter who started this? >> it matters a little bit. more importantly, is who ended
7:36 am
it. the most important question is, what happened in the moments before the shooting? but let's remember. if it's true that he got out of his car and was somehow, eyewitnesses have said, he was out of his car, firing a shot. then this whole self-defense, the whole stand your ground doesn't matter. this is only a question of, if he can somehow demonstrate, in conjunction with the shell casings and other physical evidence, if the authorities believe he was in his car the whole time and that he reasonably believed mcknight was trying to get in his car. not yelling at him from outside but trying to get in, then it's the possibility that the authorities could say, we don't think we have a case here. >> chief, there have been some protests. what is your message to the community? >> it's easy to con inflate all the shootings that happened. this looks like will smith's shooting in new orleans. like trayvon martin. each case stands other its own
7:37 am
merits. we have to be cognizant of the condolences to the family. this grieving process is difficult. they're very anxious, frustrated, maybe angry. this plays into how the community reacts as well. i would caution those to wait for the facts, let the investigative process play out before you make those type of judgments, whether or not there are problems with what is happening. >> chief brown, thank you for joining us here at abc. dan abrams. >> great to have chief brown. >> it really is. will ivanka trump be the most powerful first daughter in history? plus, the hatchable toys. one of the holiday's hottest gifts. could they be bad for you kids? , pain from a headache can make this... feel like this. all-in-one cold symptom relief from tylenol®, the #1 doctor recommended pain relief brand. tylenol® when you have a cold, pain from chest congestion can make this...
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time for our big board. where we break down the day's big stories. we're here with tom rinaldi. we begin won the trump transition. what that means for ivanka
7:40 am
trump. "the new york times" without a story that she could be one of the most powerful first daughters in history. jacob, you write about how all kinds of power broebers are seeking her out. >> yes, there certainly are. sheryl sandberg has sought her out. leonardo dicaprio had a meeting with her and brought a copy of his documentary. trump was talking to nancy pelosi on the phone right after the election. at the end of that, she began to talk about women's rights. he handed the phone off to ivanka. zh y >> you talked about three progressives. lee lib rals. there is hope that she could be a moderating force on her dade? >> there's hope. whether it's realist sick more questionable. his first pick at the epa, it
7:41 am
does not look like climate change is about to be a priority for him. if you look at ivanka trump's brand, it's not been about hard issues. it's been about empowerment as a sales technique. you have women's issues that then take you to coat sales. and jewelry. >> let's talk about her brand. as you mentioned, she is a savvy businesswoman. she said she was going to be a daughter and not have an official role at the white house. how is her father's presidency going to affect her brand? >> i think she'll have more attention. good or bad remains to be seen. their audience is bigger than when he was on "the apprentice." obviously. she's got a problem with millennial women. when your far is the first president in history talking about grabbing women, you know, the way that he did, it does make it more complicated if your
7:42 am
message is the empowerment of women. >> there was a lot of backlash when that tape came out. thank you, jacob. now to one of the holiday's hottest toys called hatchimals. some parents are scrambling to track them down. there are questions about the product. child development specialist dr. elizabeth lombardo is here. what are some of the concerns? >> some experts are concerned that these type of toys interfere with optimal psycho-social development. we gave kids plox in the olden days. we thould construct and create something. or a stifd animal, they could develop empathy. these types of toys that spoon-feed our children may be interfering with that development. we want to make sure as parents that we limit the amount of time
7:43 am
that they spend on them. sflit just seems hard to believe this little guy could -- >> cause so much trouble. he's so popular. he's causing trouble for parents. this is a new term to me. toy guilt? >> yeah. yeah. and what parent needs more guilt, right? the first thing to remember as parents is giving in to every whim for our children doesn't make them happier. it makes them entitled. that is the best way to make your child miserable right now and in the future. keep in mind that the holidays are about gratitude. so practice gratitude as a family. have happy meal that has nothing to do with french fries. when you turn to the person next to you, you talk about what you admire in that person. remember happiness opportunity come from things. it comes from experiences. so what kinds of experiences can you create for your family. maybe new holiday traditions that can bring you closer. >> great advice. >> very good. we're going to get to tiger
7:44 am
woods big return. a familiar red shirt back on the golf course sunday. woods competed in a tournament for the first time in more than 15 months. we see it right there. the swing looked pretty good. we saw some glimpses of the old tiger. but mixed bag. >> mixed bag. 466 days. i think, overall, an absolutely positive takeaway for tiger woods after the back surgeries and 15 months away. there were some wretched moments, we saw, without question. also a moment, for just a blip in time saturday, two shots off the lead. you felt the electricity around the course that only this guy can deliver to the sport. the teeth of the nfl season, college football rankings out, what with we talking? golf. because it has one central figure. the guy in the red shirt. >> that got robin laughing over there. is it fair to say that tying sir back on track? >> if i had a dollar for every time i've been asked that question by everyone i have ever
7:45 am
encountered? he wants to play a full schedule. probably 18, 20 events. the fact that he walked five days including the pro-am. he didn't feel any visible pain or talked about pain. >> he was swinging pretty hard. >> he swung very hard, george, exactly. he untleeshd driver. he had a two-way miss. bad thing. golf term, i get it. but ultimately, a huge takeaway in the positive column here. he had 24 birdies. a little bit of wonk talk. the only guy with more was the winner. jordan spieth said, if you take the rust off, i expect him to compete. guys are very excited about him coming back. the human tide of the sport. thank you all. coming up, linsey davis has an important alert for everyone. >> good morning, amy. with the holidays quickly approaching, a warning this morning as criminals posing as
7:46 am
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that's why he went to jared. unfortunately, tis the season. now to the warning about holiday deliveries after this robbery was caught on camera. you saw linsey davis there. she has the story. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, robin. many of us don't thing twice about opening the door when somebody knocks saying they have a delivery. that makes this story especially scary. the victim you're about to hear from caught it all on surveillance camera. this morning, one home owner is eager to talk about this terrifying invasion caught on tape, hoping to prevent it from happening to someone else. >> i answered the door, as soon as i do, he sticks the -- grabs 45 and sticks it in my face. >> reporter: lawrence berry's home surveillance camera captured the scene when man wearing a u.p.s. jacket and hat
7:49 am
claimed he needed a signature. when the man opened the door, he and three others entered the house. >> thank god my wife has the presence of mind to grab the kids and hide in the closet. >> reporter: one shot was fired. no one was hurt. this 2013 new york police department su valance video shows a u.p.s. imposter walking away with a there are 40,000 package. these gunmen in california pretended they were delivering flowers as part of a scheme to rob this house. now, as many look to receive more packages, words of advice. >> just because u.p.s. knox at the door, doesn't mean you to open it. if you feel uncomfortable, don't open it. >> reporter: consumers can ask to see a photo i.d. residents don't have to sign for
7:50 am
a package unless they specifically asked for it to be signed for when they ordered. they're trying to find out how the suspect managed to get their hands on a u.p.s. jacket, something only issued to full-time employ years. >> thank you. >> a chilling story. coming up in the next hour. i can't believe we're going talk about this. high school football, should it be banned? should high school football be banned? we have a new report. dr. besser is here live. and the good news. steve harvey, our good friend is here live. how he's inspiring millions to change their lives and to take the jump. the name of his new book. he'll be in our next hour. coming up, "gma's" cooking for the holidays is brought you to by las vegas. ♪
7:51 am
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back here on fam "gma," fresh snow in hawaii. that's right. that picture there the big island. i know. and we're talking feet of snow. yeah, robin, did you hear her? what? more snow happening out in the pacific northwest.
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> 7:56 monday, breaking this morning, two men attacked a septa driver often board his bus rising sun and adams avenue at 6:30. they boarded the route k bus and threw a liquid on the driver and ran off. the driver is being evaluated in the hospital. we do know hero -- his or her condition. let's go over to karen rogers. >> reporter: we have an accident on the schuylkill expressway involving a school bus. there's a vehicle facing in the wrong direction. no word if there were any killed on the bus. i was doing a facebook live when we watched a ambulance back up live and leave the scene. look at the traivel -- travel time, a 66 minute ride to get from city avenue to the vine. that's a huge delay and the vine
7:57 am
to the walt whitman bridge another 17 minutes. 46 minutes on i-95 that's a mess. 83 minutes on the schuylkill expressway to get from the blue route to the vine. horrible delay, westbound heavy, 42 is a mess. on the big picture, everything is a mess. go to our facebook page where i do a facebook live explaining all the accidents. it's a tough day. >> the rain has moved out as we take a live look on scoi scoi, the ben franklin bridge -- sky6 live hd looking at the ben franklin bridge. let's go outside to david murphy. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan, matt, a little bit of rain pushing through north jersey. everybody else, drizzle on the windshield. cold up north, this afternoon we're going for a high of 53. once we kick out the morning clouds and showers we'll see sunshine return today. tomorrow, cloudy, chilly another round of rain arriving in the afternoon and at night.
7:58 am
cloudy on wednesday, 52. cooler air on thursday, 30s there and 30s on friday. >> upper perkiomen school district is close today. state police it is due to a threat to the district. state police are already involved.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. flash flooding alert. rising waters drench the gulf coast. cars stuck if a sinkhole as a record-breaking first snow wallops chicago. bundle up. tens of millions of americans now headed for a deep freeze. and new this morning, what really happened to sherri papini in captivity. the surprising reaction from many who heard her husband's side of the story in the exclusive abc news interview. also newov overnight, how o high school football be banned. saying football causes more harm to the brain than any other sport. and we do one on one with steve harvey. the superstar host inspiring so many to finally take the jump. after what he said was watched by 60 million and counting. now he's telling you how to do
8:01 am
the same, and change your life. ♪ a wonderful christmastime all that and get ready to party. >> get down chimney, folks. >> we can't stop laughing. and we're here to say -- >> all: good morning, america. lara, how did you get down here so fast? >> miracle. christmas miracle. >> good morning, america. great to have your friends with us. a cookie recipe. >> the recipes and videos are pouring in. that was johnna. she e-mailed us about the mrs. claus red velvet cookies. shall we give ate try? they look great. >> oh, my. >> oh, wow. >> it's like the top of a cupcake. >> you can get the recipe on our website. >> it's good. >> hold a moment, please. so what's really cool is that
8:02 am
johnna surprised her mom with a visit here the "gma." she's like, come on, mom the get up. we're going. there they are. don't forget to send us your favorite recipes. we want them all month long to share them with you and ourselves. >> how about monday motivation? steve harvey, our good friend. we'll use him. he'll provide it this morning. he has a great message for everyone about finally taking that jump you have been dreaming about. zplnlts let's get the morning rundown from amy. the big story this morning, new details in the oakland warehouse fire. a criminal investigation is under way into the tragedy that left 33 people dead and likely more. the building was hosting a party at the time of friday's fire. it was also an illegal home for some of its victims. earlier, robin spoke with the battalion chief. >> i think everybody is dealing with it the best they can. the raw emotions, we set up at
8:03 am
our union hall yesterday for the anticipation of many firefighters who wanted to watch football together and chill and eat some pizza and kind of debrief. >> authorities say some of the victims are my norse. one whose name has not been released was just 17. nasty weather on the move. heavy rain kuzing flooding across the south. an arctic blast giving millions a preview of wipt person all the details from ginger. good morning. >> good morning. this is what it looks like when you get 13 inches of rain in texas city, texas. more than a half foot in san antonio. we had ratter wes rues. water rescues. people rescued as they got stuck over a bridge. more rain on the way. locally, four inches possible in some parts of the southeast. some of the areas that desperately need it will get some. then the arctic air. by thursday morning, it will feel likein kansas city.
8:04 am
10 below, rapid city. dallas will feel like 19 and moves to the north and east. amy? >> all right, ginger. thanks for the warning. new this morning, president-elect donald trump announced the latest cabinet pick. he's nominating dr. ben carson to be secretary of housing and urban development. the field for secretary of state has expanded to as many as nine contenders. jon huntsman, who served as ambassador to china. critics are calling the nfl the no fun league. a san francisco player was penalized for making a snow angel. the same thing in green bay, but no penalty there. and the raiders' punter dancing on his way off the field also picking up a red floog and spiking it. that cost the team 15 yards. and carolina's cam newton was bechled to start last nights a game as punishment for not wearing a tie on a team flight. wow. all right. strict there.
8:05 am
finally, a lot of holiday cheer in the snowy mountains of maine. rau a running of the red suits. they came on skis and snow boards. they raised money for a local charity, just in time for christmas. there were some tumbles. no injuries. one of the scores a said her technique is simply to avoid calamity. which i think is always a good technique on the slopes. >> always good. you're right, amy, thank you. >> i can relate. >> mm-hmm. "pop news" time? >> let's do it. >> happy monday. sir elton john wants all of you tiny dancers to know he is not going anywhere. he took to stain gram to say, don't believe what you read in the papers today. no truth to the rumors that i'm plang to retire. i'm looking forward to celebrating 50 years of collaborating with my partner in song bernie taupin. that will be next year. they've collaborated. you can hear all the songs at
8:06 am
the coliseum in vegas where elton begins a two-month rezdy si at the end of this month followed by a north american tour. >> what what is it about elton john. he seems to the knocking down bad rumors all the time. >> yeah. but good for him for speaking out. using twitter. >> i saw him a couple of years ago in las vegas. amaze -- you are reminded how many hits he has. oh, my gosh. >> put it on replay. good news there. now, a new study on the brand how it copes with sensory overload. researchers found that while we're awake, certain clusters of our brains turn off when not in use. scientists belief that by cycling through the on and off switches, the little internal power naps help our brains to conserve energy and maintain focus. the next time someone says, you're sleeping on the job, you can say, nah, jus my frontal lo lobe. >> you don't want whoever you're
8:07 am
with to know. probably my favorite casting news in a long time, amy schumer is in talks reportedly to play barbie in a new, live-action movie. the comedian would play a dal who gets kicked out of barbieland for not being perfect enough. but -- once out in the real world, she realizes that being unique is actually a major positive asset. schumer and her sister, kim are doing a rewrite on the script. production set to start in spring 2017. >> it's a good idea. >> that's a great idea. >> a good message. it will be funny and maybe a little naughty. >> you in? >> i'm in. coming up, the long road to recovery from the mom kidnapped and released. more revealing details from our exclusive interview with her husband. plus, should high school football be ban snd dr. besser here with that.
8:08 am
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and we're back now with the new details about sherri papini's abduction. her husband, keith, spoke exclusively to matt gutman. matt is back with more on that powerful interview. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, george. keith papini says sherri is still haunted by the abduction. sometimes the dark, a door slamming, other sounds can trig ter trauma. investigators have been trying to tap into those dark memories hoping they'll yield a clue to break this case open. this morning, we're learned more. >> i can tell you that there was guns involved. >> reporter: if someone has a gun, you're going to do what they say. >> yeah. i would say it's more than that, as well. she didn't -- get into a vehicle. on her own or even told to, i guess, you could say. >> reporter: keith papini speaking from an undisclosed
8:13 am
location, telling abc news exclusively that during the entire ordeal, his wife only saw two female chapter ps. mother of two was tortured and starved for 22 days. was she fed at all? >> barely. but yes. when i hugged her, that was the other thing is -- her spine was just sticking out. i mean -- like i was saying, like a -- like a large clock with gears on it the. >> reporter: she lost almost 15% of her body weight in 22 days. >> she literally lived through hell. and, uh -- the things she told me -- the things she told me hat she did -- talking to me each night. and -- acting like she was
8:14 am
tucking in our kids. >> reporter: and just as mysteriously as she disappeared, she reapird three weeks later. finally, keith has news he wanted to tell his kids. >> i said, you know what, buddy? i found mom. and -- he got the biggest grin, um -- and he started like, where is she? and, uh, he just sprinted 100 miles an hour. i was like, go slow, go slow. and, um, he hugged her and, my wife obviously very emotional and started crying. and she said, i'm so happy. my son, of course s, is like, you don't cry when you're happy. my wife side, when you're this happy, you cry. >> all: welcome home, sherri! >> reporter: as hundreds welcomed her back. she's spending every possible
8:15 am
moment with her kids while he remains vigilant. so who did this? investigators tell us because they have so few clues, no one has officially been eliminated as a suspect. whey they do have are the shackles and hood sherri was found in by the side of the rode. they're doing forensics on the chance hoping they yield dna or finger prints or any clues. >> friends of the family doing their own investigation. what do we know about where she is? >> she's at an undisclosed location. we don't know where that is. she's trying to stay private. they want to asteroid limelight and the media. they want to be in this undisclosed location for their own protection. now, keith told me going back to the house is so dramatic they may never move back into that house again. >> oh, wow. thank you, matt. >> a lot of people talking. coming up, new concerns about high school football. should it be banned?
8:16 am
dr. besser weighs in on that. >> say what? ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase the risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. side effects may include diarrhea, nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla.
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let's just get a sandwich or something. "or something"? you don't just graduate from medical school, "or something." and we don't just pull smoked chicken, bake fresh foccacia and hand-slice avocado. there's nothing "or something" about it. look at this. welcome back to "good morning
8:20 am
we'll hear about it. we have a gag real at the end everybody likes, we can't wait to see more and have more with jason, because, of course, you've got to get a check of the local weather. >> reporter: i like jason bateman, a couple of odd sprinkles and showers. outside we have cloudy skies and the roads are wet. we had light snow in the lehigh valley overnight, but mostly wet roads. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 53 clouds will give way to sun as we move through the day. tomorrow, chilly, another round of rain in the afternoon and at night. 47 him mostly cloudy wednesday, 52. how about the 30s on friday and saturday. the new he kids a
8:21 am
concussions. raising a big question. should high school football be banned? experts are weighing in in the new issue of speed yat ix. take a look. concussions in high school football, a tough topic to tackle. according to the institute of medicine, 1 in 14 high school football players will suffer at least one concussion. that risk is 60% higher than the next sport. yet the sport remains the most popular among high school boys. with more than 1part in the gam. in the latest issue of the medical journal "pediatrics," some experts are weighing in on should high school football be banned. one of the experts, dr. lee was margolis says it should be band until we can be sure there are
8:22 am
no long term detrimental consequences. having a licensed athletic trainer on site, a physician who is knowledgeable at the concussions at every football game and a clear return to play policy. >> i think having a discussion at the school, how are we going approach the injury and make sure we deal with it as an appropriate level. and that we're taking it seriously. >> joining us now, our chief health and medical ed terror d. richard besser. you ready to take the heat? you have a pediatrician. you have two sons. where do you weigh in? >> we know how valuable organized sports are. leadership. team skills, winning and losing. the big concern about sfoobl the risk to the brain. we had two sons, we did not allow them to play football. as a pediatrician, when i'm talking to parents, i say sports is great. but i recommend something other than football. >> you did not allow your boys to play. should bit banned? >> that's different.
8:23 am
i do not think football should be banned. you know, if you look at all sports, there's a risk of concussion. football is highest. mainly because the participation rate is high. lacrosse, ice hockey. girl's and women's sock person all con cushions. our younger son had a concussion playing basketball and soccer. it's not about eliminating all risk. it's about saying are the risks in football acceptable? and can you lower the risk. >> other people weigh in and go, hey, it's not just football. it's high. what changes could you get behind? >> i think there's a lot of things you can do if your foe us is -- focus is safety. little kids, have them play flag football. when they start playing and they're a little older. reduce the contact time in practice. you'll see that at the college level. they're saving most of the hard
8:24 am
tackling for the game. as you heard in the piece, you want to have a certified athletic trainer on the sidel e sideline. you want to make sure they don't report to the coach. if they see a player that was injured, they don't want to worry about the coach being mad at them. lastly, you know, you want to make sure that you look at other things that are more controversial. possibly getting rid of the kickoff return. it's so exciting to see someone run the whole field. it's also the most dangerous play in football. you have teams running at full velocity. >> start at the 20? >> like they do in overtime. >> good luck with that. >> i know. >> people are like, hands off. >> we'll hear about it on social media. i want to hear from people. when you looz look at the role high school football lays in communities. >> it's huge. >> the school board has to
8:25 am
decide what is the most important thing? is the coach going have a problem if they lose a game or if kids get ing juried? a lot of parents are saying, kids, don't play football. if they don't make itsafer, that could cause problems. it's a star-studded morning. jason bateman. steve harvey. come on back. she's a living legend. now tomorrow -- >> why do you share this now? >> naomi judd opens up. >> if i live through in, i want someone to see they can survive. >> emotional, revealing. tomorrow on "gma."
8:26 am
8:27 am
>> good morning, it is 8:27 monday, december 5. i'm matt o'donnell. karen rogers is tracking problems on the schuylkill expressway. >> reporter: yeah, you're barely moving on the schuylkill expressway eastbound at south street. i talked to state police, the accident involved a school bus, but no children was on the bus. there was an injury. a car was facing the wrong way. they said he wasn't and he was involved in the accident and spunut road. look at the travel time, 80 minute ride on schuylkill expressway to the vine. an additional 21 minutes from the vine to the walt whitman bridge. a mess on the schuylkill expressway you're traveling in the single digits almost from the blue route all the way down past south street. we had two accidents on i-95, you're travelingh of i-95 southd
8:28 am
18 miles per hour near girard. the vine is jammed westbound trying to get toward the schuylkill expressway. it's a mess everywhere. >> the rain had an impact, it's kind of turned off right now, david murphy has the latest. >> reporter: no rain on the terrace, matt. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you every now and then there's a blip of drizzle coming through. 42 in philadelp allentown and reading. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a high of 53. once we get rid of the morning clouds we'll see the sunshine returning during the morning and afternoon hours. tomorrow, cloudy, afternoon rain, 47. cloudy on wednesday, 52. only in the mid 40s on thursday, upper 30s, friday and saturday. >> penn state faces usc in the rose bowl even though the nittany lions beat the buckeyes
8:29 am
in the college football playoffs. anyway, temple plays lake forest in the military bowl.
8:30 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] wow. wow. now that's how you start a monday morning. right back at you. i love the swooping shots getting everybody in. good morning, america. good morning, you here. so excited to have you with us. a lot coming up in this half hour. >> we do. a lot of people went from "gma," from our staff, to see the new movie, we have jans baitman. should we start with that. >> i think we should bring him in. come on in, man. >> come on in. >> jason! [ cheers and applause ] >> wow. >> good morning.
8:31 am
>> we were going to talk about you behind your back. >> wow. >> this is your first time with the audience, right? >> my very first time. be gentle. so this happens from -- 8:00 to 9: 9:00. so great. you have a whole different thing. is that a bump? or do you get paid the same amount? >> are you listening? >> you should get paid for two different shows. >> 5%. >> am i hosting? >> usual you were on cable a lo weekend. >> am i getting residuals? >> he's got christmas shopping on his mind. thinking about the financials these das. >> i have two little girls and a wife that i love and they like nice things. i gotta dance as fast as i can. >> this movie should help. our whole staff twoept the skreeping. amy, you were there.
8:32 am
>> i was. >> we had a fun chat yesterday, didn't we? >> jason and i spent time together yesterday. >> on camera. >> we'll show that on friday. >> that's how rumors start. >> before we talk about the movie, it's that time of year, the holiday, office party. we wanted to get into it. >> a lot of articles online about it. a lot of tips people with giving. some of them are pew common sense. dress appropriately. >> you would hope. >> don't drink too much. dairy your drink in your left hand. >> so you can shake hands? >> shake hands with the right. exactly. >> i don't do that. i don't do that. because it -- somehow i feel like it washes your hand every time you shake a hand. and put it on a cold glass. a rinse. >> i like how you think there. >> this one surprised me. do not -- don't toast yourself. whatever you do. just not a good idea. if you're hon yored at the event with a toast, accept gracefully. don't applaud for yourself.
8:33 am
just in case you -- >> how about that. here's a weird one. make an effective entrance. to the office party. >> i usually trip and fall. >> yeah, what qualifies as effective? coming in with your hair on fire? >> that would do it. you must have broke an lot of these fluls the movie. >> yes, otherwise it would have been a drama. people get overserved. and jesus christ comes through on a horse. that's worth the price of admission right there. we found him. he comes galloping through. in the elevator, see. >> oh, my dposh. >> we have a clip. i want to show it. this is one of my favorite scenes. you're prominently featured. >> merry christmas, everybody! >> what? >> happy about the holidays. ♪ party people in the place to be ♪ ♪ get up and move your feet yeah
8:34 am
this is how i roll no lenses ♪ ♪ drop that beat and make the crowd go whoa ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> you got the moves. >> you took hip hop lessons to pull that off? >> i took a little hip hop lesson. i was holing a little water weight in the scene. a little puffy. but, yeah. >> is it as hard as it looks to dance in those suits? >> it's warm. it's warm. it was good. >> it is an effective entrance. >> there you go. george brijs it all back. >> he's good like that. >> he's our emily post. >> do you have an office christmas party coming up? >> yes. >> do you have advice? >> do see this movie as a cautionary tale. >> you know who gets crazy? >> the traditional lamp shade on the head. zplefr time. >> really? >> yeah. >> you have met his wife, ali.
8:35 am
>> she doesn't keep you in line? >> she tries. >> you should see him on the dance floor. >> oh, no. do you wear a sumo suit like that? >> next year. >> i could loan you mine. i have to hose it down first. it got warm. >> she how he starts getting red right there. >> amy, you go next. >> jason this is your fifth movie with jennifer aniston. >> right. [ applause ] >> that's worth applause. you have known each other for 20 years. did you learn anything new about her on the film? >> no, i know everything about her already. she's like my sister. so, we -- i probably know more than -- more about her than i should. but that's why we like to work together because we're so close. it's not like work. >> and t.j. was new. he stole the show. >> t.j. isamazing. >> that was the guy you saw just now nearly putting a lugey on
8:36 am
jennifer aniston. >> court any b. vance. >> a lot of courtney b. vance in the movie. like, a lot. >> you do. you do. you see him fly in this film. unsuccessfully. there's -- yeah. >> it's a departure for him. >> how do you keep a straight face in scenes like that? >> you don't see the part where is i'm unsuccessful. we do a gag reel at the end. you see me mess up quite a few times in that one. there's a lot of funny people in the film that make it tough. if the camera shot is here, you can drive you finker nail in that knee under frame to distract yourself from what's funny and put yourself in pain. >> we learn so much here between the etiquette and how to keep a straight face. i feel complete. >> someone else is very tonny, his wife, ali wentworth. you directed her? >> i did. she was amazing. >> thank you. [ applause ]
8:37 am
>> yeah, there she is. not nicole kidman. the other woman talking to nicole. >> does ali take direction well? >> no, not really, right, george? >> i don't know how you do it? she does her own thing. >> didn't we drag you back early from vacation for that scene? >> you did. we were in iceland. my kids wanted to come home. >> did you get a deal up there or something? taking kids to an ice cube. >> a wasteland. didn't work. we owe you. >> what about hawaii? >> we're going for christmas. and there's snow there today. >> and global warming is not real. >> not at all. >> jason, thank you. >> you're too much. >> i'm telling you this movie is amazing. if you want to laugh, and we could all use a good laugh, go to "office christmas party."
8:38 am
up next, we have steve harvey here live. [ cheers and applause ]
8:39 am
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♪and best wishes from the lottery♪ back here o warm coats and warm hearts coat drive partnering with burlington and kigs fashion delivery. kyra sedgwick has donated her coat you can too, bring your
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coat to the local burlington store. let's get the drum roll, the total 22,902 coats donated so far. go to "good morning america".com to erin o'hern how to get to to lrn how you can get involved. let's get a check of the local weather. >> reporter: ginger, nice going with the coat drive. we are mainly dry, a sprinkle or shower leftover. more afternoon rain tomorrow, 47 staying cool the rest of the week. congratulations, y'all. robin, up to you. >> oh, not just up to me. [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, a big welcome to steve harvey! [ cheers and applause ] yes! there's no applause sign. that's coming from the heart.
8:42 am
>> that's genuine. i have real love for people. >> you are one of the hardest working people in showbiz. you give so much of yourself. something you didn't know the cameras were rolling. you spoke from the heart. and almost 60 million people have seen this. let's take a look right now. >> eventually, you're going to have to jump. you cannot just exist in this life. you have got to try to live. if you're waking up thinking there's got be more to your life than it is, man, believe that it is. >> so this was just impromptu. there on your show. speaking to the audience and that's what your book that's out today, "jump," is based on? >> yeah. when people see me live, i'm in the laugh business. so we spend the whole time laughing. but, before they walk away, i try to say something meaningful to people that they can hang their hat on. because life ain't always funny.
8:43 am
everybody wants to be happy and successful. i figured that out, you know. i figured out how to do it from the bottom up. you know, with nothing, coming out of the dirt. and it's just a series of principles. once you master the principles, you can become very successful and very happy with your life. and so, after that, i can't tell you how many people said, steve, when do i jump? when i jump, what happens? when i take that leap of faith, what do i do? so i wrote the book. >> and it is so you. it is quintessential steve harvey. it's heart felt. it's funny. it is common sense. and you talk about how you have had 11 jobs. you flunked out of kept state. you livid in your car for a time. what, talk about those jumps that you made. >> i mean, i was sick and tired of being sick and tired. i was waking up going, you know what, look, man, this can't be my life. there's no way god made me just to be this. i gotta do something. so october 8, 1985, i walked in
8:44 am
the comedy club, i won amateur night, 50 buck. i went to work the next day and quit my job because i had found it. this is what i was born to do. i wasn't supposed to work in the factory. nothing is wrong with it. i just wasn't supposed to. not for me. when i took that leap of faith, it cost may lot. and, you know, i stumbled. i became homeless after awhile. calm of other things -- not a couple, a half a million things went wrong. and then you look up today, a lot of stuff is going right. but it only gets to go right if you jump. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's what you have done repeatedly. and -- something that i have always appreciated about you. reading your book, there is no such thing as failures. it's lessons. you talked about the lesson that you learned, the miss universe pageant and what happened there. >> i mean, that was crazy for
8:45 am
me. that was, what had happened -- i had been asking god to increase my global persona. because i have business outside the country pip was asking god to increase my global persona. after i said the wrong name, 48 hours later, my name had been googled 4 billion times. >> careful what you parade for. >> i didn't appreciate the way he gave to it me, but -- >> but so good. you don't shy about talking about in the book. and you owned it. you owned up to it because of your mo mama and daddy. >> they told me, we'll fix it tomorrow. it wasn't something i did on my own. i can read very well. i read and said what they told me to say. when it wept bad, i went back out there because the miss philippines, she won't get her glory that night. i walked back out there. i didn't want to walk back out there. i have learned in facing your charges, they are not as
8:46 am
daunting as they seem. >> you have a 21-day jump challenge where you want everybody to live the life they deserve. we have somebody here. you have a question for steve? >> yes, steve, good morning. how do you make the jump from corporate america to starting your own business for those that want to do that? >> here's the number one thing people have to understand. there's no perfect time, there's though perfect day, you can't wait until you get all your duction lined up in a row. there is no none of that. sometimes the jump comes in the form of a push. you know, sometimes a company just come in and lay you off. now you're in the air. you didn't jump, somebody came in and shot you off the cliff. so, i would say, look, when ever you geet the feeling that, look, there's got to be more. you have to go. it's not going to be perfect. it's not going to be. if it was a perfect time, we would all know when to do it. >> and don't think that people who are successful don't feel fear. everyone feels fear. and -- >> god almighty.
8:47 am
>> everyone thinks it's so perfect. you just do it any way. >> i'm afraid a lot of times. i jump today. i'm afraid a lot of times. what helps me with the fear is now. when i feel like doing something, i do now. it don't give me time to worry about, figure out how it ain't going to work, cop out, get talked out of it. i just go now and get my clothes tore off a little bit until the wind get up turned parachute. >> we're going see you. show time at the apollo is coming back. >> tonight. >> yes, tonight. >> tonight on fox. a two-hour special. always wonderful. >> our love to marjorie. thank you. >> you laid me out. get the book. the book is banging, i'm telling you. >> get the book. take the jump. the book, "jump qurks r
8:48 am
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[ cheers and applause ] time now for a little holiday cooking. we have brian mularkey here. sharing his big recipes and the is scoop on his restaurant herringbone in las vegas. talk to me about vegas for the holidays. >> it's incredible. world class music. world class casinos. and pi restaurant, herringbone. >> i love the name herringbone. sounds so chic. >> we have searsucker and herringbone. >> describe the style. >> fish meets field. a lot of seafood. >> fish meets field. >> m-e-a-t-s.
8:51 am
>> rack of lamb with tatziki sauce. >> lets get going. a little seasoning. rosemary, thyme. marina marinade. do that a couple of -- i love the oohs and aahs. >> you to french these? >> you can ask your butcher. >> lamb chops. >> oil, pan spray. turn that up a little bit. >> in your mixing bowl over here it was thyme, mint, garlic, what else? >> parsley. garlic, a little lemon zest if you like. lamb is amazing. you just start cooking it, everyone starts getting hungry. it feels like the holidays. i like mine mid rare. it's a couple of minutes on each side. >> it makes you look like a real
8:52 am
chef. >> it makes me look like a real chef. >> you are. i need help. >> the culinary team here at "gma" makes me look good. >> karen pinkus. you have another dish for us? >> no this is the tzatziki. we take that cool, refreshing. >> red onion. >> red onion, cucumber. >> yeah, george, this is right in your wheel house. >> good stuff. >> i want to move on. you have a couple of other things. this is one of my faves. >> sometimes tomatoes are not superbright in winter time. sometimes we oven-roast them. >> you're doing our jobs. >> we have procuitto, a
8:53 am
little broccoli with chestnuts roasting on the open fire. >> and give us your favorite dessert for the holidays. we're doing our great cookie search. >> i'm classic. like vegas is a classic. herringbone. >> duh. >> i took a chocolate chip cookie and put candy cane on there. >> i love that idea. >> and then if you're ambitious, we have eggnog gelato. i'll see you in vegas for the holidays. >> we'll be right
8:54 am
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[ cheers and applause ] have great day, everybody. so yummy. she's a legend. now tomorrow. >> why you to share this now? >> naomi judd opens up. >> if i live through this, i want someone to see they can survive. >> emotional. revealing. the exclusive tomorrow on "gma." >> hello, everyone, 8:56, monday, december 5. it's been a rough ride on the roads this morning, let's go over to karen rogers. >> reporter: it's a mess, matt,
8:57 am
an 86 minute ride on the schuylkill expressway to the vine. 25 minutes to get from the vine to the walt whitman bridge because of this accident involving a school bus. we have a tow truck on the scene trying to clear it out. some of the emergency workers have left. therein no children on the bus, and -- there were no children on the bus and one injury, the driver. the big accident on the schuylkill expressway has everything jammed. i-95 the third accident of the morning, i-95 northbound at cottman traveling slowly in the area. 47 minute ride southbound from woodhaven to the vine. 86 on the schuylkill expressway eastbound. 22 on 42. slow everywhere, why not take the rails? they are jammed, too, 41 minute delay with the newark line. >> can't win. let's go outside to david murphy. >> reporter: we have clouds across the region, but we expect sunshine later. storm tracker 6 live double scan
8:58 am
shows you all the precipitation is been. some of you with a light sprinkle. 42 degrees in philadelphia. some you in the 0s in the northern areas. high of 53 sun returning. 47 tomorrow, clouds and rain in the afternoon and evening. cloudy wednesday, we're in the 30s starting friday. >> two people rough of a septa bus driver and splash powder and fluid before fleeing the scene. we're searching for the attackers. "live with kelly" is next. jason bateman will be a guest on the program. i'm matt o'donnell. have a great monday and great week!
8:59 am
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